Making the Complicated Simple

SRCL Compliance Assist contains legislation and best practice guidance to help you identify, understand and manage your legal compliance obligations on a range of topics from managing waste to managing staff. 

And we collect and dispose of your healthcare waste too - how's that for keeping things simple!

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Key Features

Compliance Library

Guidance to help you understand and comply with regulatory requirements and best practice on a number of business related topics, e.g. health &safety, data protection.


Compliance Solutions

Topic specific bundles of management tools and learning for those areas that you and your team need extra help with, e.g. waste management, infection control. 


Our subject matter experts are available to provide free email advice to customers on a number of topics, e.g. HR, risk assessments, occupational health. 


SRCL Head Office

Indigo House, Sussex Avenue, Leeds LS10 2LF

T:  0333 240 4400